Through a strong knowledge of the market, a long experience in the wine business and active collaborations in more than 30 countries in the world , ITC Wine team offers a constant presence alongside its partners, ensuring the success of every single brand and creating unique synergies. The presence of a complete marketing team, assisted by continuous investments, has given rise to a constantly updated,connected and cutting-edge working group. Its daily commitment in the development of commercial strategies dedicated to each individual market, has enabled the positioning of ITC Wine brands in all the segments of the market, expanding their visibility also through a targeted participation in B2B fairs and dedicated events.

In the last years, each brand has developed its market quickly and constantly, gaining awareness and support from the entire group during every step of the business process.

The continuous training and growth of our team will lead, soon, to an increasingly integrated management of all the companies, enhancing their production and positioning and bringing new competitiveness to the markets, a complete along with an improvement in the quality of the service offered to all our commercial partners.

Our wine producers